Capsugel CFS Liquid Filling & Sealing Machine

The Capsugel CFS capsule liquid filling and sealing system is specifically designed to allow formulation scientists to better exploit the potential of lipid-based formulations for poorly soluble compounds, helping accelerate the development timeline and achieve ‘faster time to first in human’.

Options to Meet Your Needs

The Capsugel CFS 1200™ system is a bench-top cGMP-compliant machine that fills up to 1,200 capsules per hour with liquid or semi-solid formulations using Capsugel’s proprietary Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing (LEMS®) technology and eliminating the need for banding.


“It (Capsugel CFS 1200) has more than paid for itself in terms of saving the cost of contract development work and clinical manufacturing”.
- Pharmaceutical Company

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Capsugel CFS 1200 Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

This high-precision, cGMP compliant, development-scale capsule filling machine automatically fills and seals two-piece capsules with liquid or semi-solid formulations, suspensions and emulsions. Specially designed to produce trial and clinical batches with Licaps® capsules, the Capsugel CFS 1200 can help accelerate the development timeframe to achieve faster time to first in human. Key features include:

The Capsugel CFS 1200 automated filler and sealer comes with a complete installation package, including a comprehensive validation package.

The CFS 1200 Video

The CFS 1200 Video

A System of Filling and Batch Manufacturing

Service and Support

Capsugel’s experienced service and support team will provide installation and on-site training. Ongoing support and preventive maintenance agreements are also available.

"We were very impressed with the equipment we saw, which led in the end to a successful FAT. We realized especially the tremendous effort Philippe and his team put into the project - with this professional and passionate team I am sure we will keep the tough timelines!"
- Multinational pharmaceutical company

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