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Capsugel CFS Liquid Filling & Sealing Machines

The Capsugel CFS capsule liquid filling and sealing system is specifically designed to allow formulation scientists to better exploit the potential of lipid-based formulations for poorly soluble compounds, helping accelerate the development timeline and achieve ‘faster time to first in human’.

Capsugel CFS Liquid Filling & Sealing Machines

Options to Meet Your Needs

The Capsugel CFS 1200™ system is a bench-top cGMP-compliant machine that fills up to 1,200 capsules per hour with liquid or semi-solid formulations. It also provides fusion sealing of the capsules with a tamper evident seal.


CFS 1500 C

Suitable for Containment of Potent Compounds

Featuring a working surface that is free of dirt traps, as well as the ability to easily remove all parts for cleaning, the CFS 1500 C™ system is compatible with high containment applications.

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