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Commercial Scale Capsule Filling Machines

Customers can easily move to final commercial production with our Capsugel Ultra 8® II and Capsugel Cap 8® commercial scale capsule filling production machines. Both models are designed to facilitate speed-to-market and come with unique safety features, superior production rates, reliability and Capsugel’s outstanding customer service and support.

Commercial Scale Capsule Filling Machines

Capsugel Ultra 8 II Equipment

Designed for high-speed semi-automatic filling applications, the Capsugel Ultra 8 II machine offers numerous innovative operational safety features that streamline the production process and facilitate speed-to-market with processing speeds of up to 33,000 capsules per hour. Combined with our unsurpassed service and technical support, you are assured of reliable performance and excellent production levels for years to come.

The Capsugel Ultra 8 II has a variety of attractive capsule filler operational enhancements, including:

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