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Innovative dosage solutions
for the healthcare industry

Delivering the high-quality, innovative dosage forms
and solutions our customers need
to turn their compounds
into better medicines and nutritionals.

Bioavailability Enhancement Suite
Premier range of technologies & capabilities to address any bioavailability challenge in any finished dosage format.
Liquid Fill Technologies
Liquid and semi-solid fill approaches for addressing high potency / low dosing and other formulation challenges.
Modified and Targeted Release Suite
Full range of modified release technologies to optimize drug delivery in either monolithic and multiparticulate finished dosage formats.
Vcaps® Plus: The next generation HPMC for Pharma
Discover why Vcaps® Plus are the next generation high performance hypromellose capsules to meet stringent global pharmaceutical standards, batch-to-batch quality and consistency on a commercial scale.
Health and Nutrition
Capsugel helps dietary supplement makers meet growing demand for high-quality, differentiated supplements around the world.
Vcaps® Plus: Premier Vegetarian Solution for Health and Nutrition
The fast-disintegrating premium non-GMO vegetarian delivery solution for Health and Nutrition markets globally.
DRcaps™ Capsules
Ensure optimal delivery for acid sensitive products.
Sports Nutrition
Capsugel has been at the forefront of the sports nutrition category providing product development support and unique oral delivery technologies to brand manufacturers.
Quality is our Hallmark
Quality is the hallmark of our business and a core principle at Capsugel that provides added value to our customers
Coni-Snap® Sprinkle Capsules
A new generation of patient-centric capsules specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing number of patients that have difficulty swallowing.
Inhalation Capsules
Providing a uniform dose in a portable, easy-to-use system, capsule-based DPI is a simple and cost-effective way to deliver inhalable medication.
Abuse deterrence
Proprietary formulation technologies designed for deterring abuse while meeting the target dissolution profiles.
Range of tools and capabilities applied at every stage of biotherapeutic production for optimized yield and consistency including automated sampling techniques and process monitoring, predictive modeling, and process solutions for streamlined operations.

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